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Ann Anastasio, Santa Fe, NM
Oak Leaves and Acorns Native Americans used ground oak leaves to heal wounds and they also used ground acorns mixed with other natural materials for headaches and minor pain. With commercial fabrics, I machine pieced the background, acorns and leaves using different random piecing designs for each shape. The background is diagonally machine quilted. $400
Jane Ann Bode, Sapello, NM
Chicory When dried, roasted and ground, chicory root is used as a substitute or additive to coffee. Its root contains inulin, which may help with general health: its flower is used as a folk medicine for everyday ailvments, and the ancient Romans reportedly used the plant to help cleanse the blood. Its bitter leaves are appreciated and may be used in salads, or other dishes, as it is in the same family as endive. I wanted to pay some tribute to this pretty blue flower. NFS

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