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Jane Ann Bode, Sapello, NM
Blue Healing Blue flowers were so plentiful this summer. Chicory can be used as a folk medicine for everyday ailments. Rocky Mountain Columbine tastes sweet, and its seed can be used as a parasiticide to rid the hair of lice. Pleated gentian leaves and roots have been used in tea to treat gastrointestinal disorders. Birdbill Dayflower leaves may be used as a throat gargle to relieve sore throats. Harebell root can be made into a compress to be placed on a cut or other wound to stop bleeding, reduce swelling and speed healing. Wild blue flax can be made into fiber, what better use to a quilter! NFS
Sandra Branjord, Sun City, AZ
Unconditional Love Love in its many forms is a powerful force in healing. Whether it be from our family, our friends, or even our pets, love is a basic need. It can be a smile, a touch, a hug, or even the wet splash of Fido’s kiss on our face. Studies show that people with a support group heal better and faster. Like an infant without love, FAILURE TO THRIVE, is a very real premise. With this quilt I hope to show that that support can come in so many different forms. Family, friends, and pets, Love is a very healing ingredient. $690

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